Creativity – Retreat – Restoration



Earthskin is a Charitable trust whose mission is environmental stewardship to foster and inspire the creative arts. Earthskin offers the following supports towards building and regenerating communities, devoted to the re-enchantment of our world. Earthskin holds its intent encompassed within its name, with the overall vision of heart – with the care of the earth, art, skin and all kin.

Earthskin supports

Earthskin Creative Residency Earthskin Creative Residency purpose is to support excellence in the creative arts, through offering monthly residencies to established artists wishing to focus and extend their practice.

Earthskin Environmental Residency Earthskin Environmental Residency purpose is to foster environmental stewardship, through offering monthly residencies to environmental innovators wishing to focus and extend their practice.

Earthskin Sustainable Community Scholarships Earthskin offers annual scholarships for education, that will build community wellbeing and earth care. These scholarships focus on Permaculture, Biodynamics, Biological Farming, Terraquaculture and Bio-remediation of our land and water.

Earthskin also proudly supports specific environmental initiatives including: The Sustainability Council of New Zealand, Innermost Community Gardens, Te Moata Retreat Center.


Earthskin Muriwai
The foundation stone

Earthskin Muriwai is a sanctuary of simplicity and silence,
amidst nature – where during creative exploration we can
move beyond the self to a deeper consciousness. 

This is a place where the sacred blending of human and nature connect and has the opportunity to be re-cognised.
This place allows deep quiet and immersion, the land becomes the True Teacher.