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Newsletter 2011

This year started with the death of my  beloved mother and friend
–  my world tilted off its axis, and Earthskin like me, was in temporary hibernation.

It is time to build and strengthen for the future. Muriwai Earthskin has been a winter  haven for
writers and the summer of 2012 will be focused on completing decks to connect to nature.

Emerging artists, and other creatives are most welcome to send an e.mail to:
Residential Scholarships are also offered at Te Moata in the Coromandel,
[subject to availability of the Te Moata huts].

Download an application form on the residency page :

Newsletter 2010

Well this year is dancing to a rich completion.
During October we offered a scholarship to an extraordinary young man. Hemi.He has just completed a three week scholarship at Muriwai Earthskin and says having his own style is important. “I use soil from the the area when I go somewhere”. “The main objective is to create work aligned with the surroundings.”

The residency at the eco house is usually given to artists with more experience than Hemi. He says it was a privilege to work in such an inspiring place in the bush.

Aboriginal friends he made while living in Australia introduced him to using dirt. ” It can last from two days, two years or two decades,” Hemi says, “It can have a life span of 25,000 years.” Hemi mixes it with a glue like substance and makes a wide range of colours.

Noa, his beautiful partner, expresses the beauty of what he calls forward: “My love, creates ancestors in colour and earth, boards cloaked in ancient warrior… calling he tangata, he tangata, he tangata. The people, the people, the people.”

Hemi will exhibit at the Muriwai Arts Trail at Houghton’s Bush Camp on November 20 and 21st.

Hemi’s message to the house or whare at Muriwai Earthskin is:

“To this peaceful whare. Where the stars are our dream lights, enshrouded in tane mahuta’s cloak, down by the pond, near the forest onto the black sand of muriwai, the longer you stay the longer you sleep/ rest, the harder it is to leave but not forever.”

Residency artist Hemi to exhibit at Whetu Rangimarie Gallery

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He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata
See the 1 min. video

The Muriwai Arts Trail 20-21 November 2010
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The Muriwai Arts Trail is back and better than ever! This year over 50 Muriwai artists are exhibiting.. more at the web site >>
.. or download the 789Kb pdf.. here >>


John BlackburnJohn Blackburn 2008/09

The only way to describe Muriwai is simply to say you must see it for yourself, seeing is believing. It is not only a fantastic place to work (most important) but a spiritually uplifting place to be. I have worked here for the first four months of 2008 and again in january february 2009 with great success. Nancy has created something very special here at Muriwai, and through generosity and foresight (both characteristics inherited from her father) she is in a position to make available to artists of all disciplines, quite simply an earthly paradise, in which to create. John Blackburn is represented by The Osborne Samuel Gallery, Bruton Street, London, and Artis Gallery, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand.

Véronique Desmet
Véronique Desmet 2007

To participate in the creation of this place and to create my video work ‘orgone’ here allowed me to nurture myself and the world around. It supported me to give form to the deepest part of my being. This is an incredible place for focus, peace and creativity.

Paul Knitter
Paul Knitter 2006

Though I’m supposed to be a writer, I can’t find the words to tell you how very good it was for my wife Cathy and me to spend five months (January-May, 2006) in your wonderful home in Muriwai Beach. The artistic, warm beauty of the house itself, the enchanted forest in which it is nested, the soothing sound of the sea only a 15 minute walk away — it all provided the ideal place to both relax and to work. I finished the first four chapters (out of seven) of my book on Buddhism and Christianity! — It was a little piece of paradise!

Cathy Cornell
Cathy Cornell 2006

We are so grateful to you for the opportunity to be at Muriwai in your welcoming and comforting home there. The beauty and the quiet there proved to be a supportive and nurturing environment for my research in trauma recovery and healing.

Muriwai Earthskin artists at work

Muriwai Earthskin artists at work

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