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2016 Artist in Residence Application


2016  Artist in Residence
(Preview of Application)


 The maker transforms the material,  and the material transforms the maker.
– Satish Kumar

During the months of March till November 2016, Earthskin Muriwai offers Creative Artist Residency Scholarships, free of all charges except power, phone and final cleaning at end of residency. During Dec to Feb the house is available for rent for courses, or offering the space for short non residential courses and retreat.

We seek application from a diverse range of “creatives” to invigorate a wider nourishment and sharing of ideas and practice of the Transformative Arts. Artists, Potters, Sculptors, Photographers, Musicians, Scientists, Environmental Change Innovators, Designers, Performing Artists, Writers and Poets…

Artist Individual Residency

To develop a particular body of work at Earthskin with a clear expectation of achieving an exhibition output. The artist is required to offer; a public talk on their work, or a workshop, or organise a post residency Exhibition, and a Koha (gift) of a piece of work, or small works, at the completion of the Residency.

Collaborative Residency

We would like to encourage more than one artist (and up to three artists) to share the residency at Earthskin ‘Muriwai’.
This is to allow each person to experience the solitude of their practice, and the benefit of proximity and sharing with other artists. The range and diversity available from such collaborative residencies will expand and invigorate local art with workshops with local community and Schools. International Artists will also extend exchange and enrichment of our global and local Community.

Earthskin also offers Creative Artist Residencies at alternative properties at Piha, Coromandel and the Wairarapa
please note your interest in your artist in residence application.
All locations are subject to availability.
Contact for further information:

Proposal should be forwarded to:
Earthskin Residency
Post or email the following form once completed – including proposal and portfolio
EMAIL: or 
POST:  P.O.Box 24102, Wellington

to be filled in:
Earthskin Artist in Residence 2016
Application For Scholarship



Postal Address

Contact Numbers

Private                                           Work                                   Mobile


Area of Practice


Preferred Dates and time bid For Residency:

Please attach to this form:

1.    Your written proposal for Residency Scholarship. (A4 size and maximum of 200 words)
Clearly demonstrating what you, the artist seek. and wish to explore during this residency.
How the residency will help expand and develop your creative and professional horizon.
Future plans arising from the the residency e.g. plans to exhibit, publish, perform, present or promote.

2.   Your C.V.
3.    Supporting materials- Copies of Work / Presentation Folder
4.    References – name and contact details of two referees.

Guidelines for Presentation
Do not send original material. While due care will be taken, Earthskin will not accept liability for loss of information provided for your application.
Please ensure the appropriate insurance cover has been arranged for any support material provided, and keep a copy of your application.

Applicant Signature   ——————————–

Date    ———————————-
Proposal should be forwarded to: Earthskin Residency   P.O.Box 24102, Wellington

Earthskin Residency Contract For Scholarship 

Agreement Between          Earthskin ‘Muriwai’     and  ……………………………………………………………….

Contact phones:                                                            Address:

State your preferred dates :: these will be subject to availability, and will be confirmed

Potential Commencement Date:                                          Expiry Date:




:: There is no rental payable by the Artist to Earthskin ‘Muriwai’, during the period of the Art Residency Scholarship

:: Phone/ Internet and Electricity and cleaning costs are to be paid by the Resident the total is 375$.
A deposit of 187.50$ must be paid by the end of January 2016
A final payment of 187.50$ must be paid one month before the start of the residency 

:: If an Insurance Claim is triggered by the above Resident, they will accept responsibility for payment of the excess
::The maximum number of persons who may reside in the house is three, unless a House Guardian is required, or on site
:: Pets are not permitted in the house
::No Smoking or drugs are permitted in the house on the property
::The Artist in Residency must abide by the rules of care for the environment, set out in Earthskin Muriwai Housebook.
::No stipend is offered, and no art materials are supplied
:: Artists will need to have their own transport.
The Artist in Residency will:

::Cover their own living costs- bring their own food and replenish supplies themselves as needed
::Be self sufficient and bring with them any tools, materials or equipment they need
::Keep the house clean and tidy
::Use the house for residential purposes only
::Inform Earthskin ‘Muriwai’ as soon as possible of any damage to the house or need for repairs
::Abide by the information in The Earthskin Housebook 

The Artist will not:

::Make any renovation, redecoration, or alterations, intentionally or carelessly damage or permit damage to  the house.
::Disturb the neighbours.

The staff, or Owner of Earthskin’ Muriwai’ shall enter the house only:

For inspection of the House between 8am and 7pm after giving 24 hours notice and not more often than every two weeks-
Or with the Artists consent given at any time of entry, or in an emergency, or for repairs and maintenance from 8am to 7pm after 24 hours notice to the Resident.

Artist’s Obligations
The Artist will perform the following obligations:

:: Live and work full time in the house throughout the term of the agreement.
::Acknowledge Earthskin in any work the Artist may publish, create or produce as a result of  the Residency.
::The resident artist is required to either offer; a public talk on their work, a workshop, mentor a local artist, or organise a residency Exhibition.
::A Koha (gift) of a piece of work,  at the completion of the Residency is part of the  exchange.
Earthskin is granted the right to use the Artist’s name, likeness, images of and extracts from, the Artists work created during the term of this agreement, for use in any publicity, reports or projects of Earthskin. eg for the website ::

At the commencement of the Artist in Residency both parties will sign off after a property tour and understanding of responsibilities.


Signed by ARTIST OR ARTISTS     ________________________________________________

Signed by PROPERTY MANAGER ________________________________________________


At the completion of the Residency,
both parties will sign off after a property inspection.


Signed by ARTIST OR ARTISTS     ________________________________________________

Signed by PROPERTY MANAGER ________________________________________________



:: Return all sets of keys to the Property Manager(s)
:: Veronique :: 021 1247212 or Gerry Henley :: 09 4119951,
:: All washable surfaces are cleaned and the Studio, yurt and house is in the order and tidy as you found it.
:: All appliances are working and clean.
:: All light bulbs work
::Outside is clean and swept.

The Artist will, at the end of the Tenancy:

::Be responsible for any loss or damage.
::Return all keys provided for the house.
::Leave the house, its grounds and garden clean and tidy, and clear of any rubbish and all possessions removed,
at the end of the term of this agreement.
::Within four weeks of the expiry date of this agreement, the Artist will provide a written  evaluation of the Residency.
::Earthskin welcomes any ideas, questions or critique that will support our future growth and development.

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