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Paul Knitter
Paul Knitter 2006

Though I’m supposed to be a writer, I can’t find the words to tell you how very good it was for my wife Cathy and me to spend five months (January-May, 2006) in your wonderful home in Muriwai Beach. The artistic, warm beauty of the house itself, the enchanted forest in which it is nested, the soothing sound of the sea only a 15 minute walk away — it all provided the ideal place to both relax and to work. I finished the first four chapters (out of seven) of my book on Buddhism and Christianity! — It was a little piece of paradise!

Cathy Cornell
Cathy Cornell 2006

We are so grateful to you for the opportunity to be at Muriwai in your welcoming and comforting home there. The beauty and the quiet there proved to be a supportive and nurturing environment for my research in trauma recovery and healing.

Muriwai Earthskin artists at work

Muriwai Earthskin artists at work