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January: John Blackburn

October/November: Hemi

Newsletter 2010

Well this year is dancing to a rich completion.
He has just completed a three week scholarship at Muriwai Earthskin and says having his own style is important. “I use soil
from the the area when I go somewhere”. “The main objective is to create work aligned with the surroundings.”The residency
at the eco house is usually given to artists with more experience than Hemi. He says it was a privilege to work in such an
inspiring place in the bush.Aboriginal friends he made while living in Australia introduced him to using dirt. ” It can last from
two days, two years or two decades,” Hemi says, “It can have a life span of 25,000 years.” Hemi mixes it with a glue like
substance and makes a wide range of colours.Noa, his beautiful partner, expresses the beauty of what he calls forward: “My love,
creates ancestors in colour and earth, boards cloaked in ancient warrior… calling he tangata, he tangata, he tangata. The people,
the people, the people.”Hemi will exhibit at the Muriwai Arts Trail at Houghton’s Bush Camp on November 20 and 21st.