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August: Debbie Ryan

September: James Robinson

November: Martin Bailey + Martine Bailey


Creative Artist Scholarships Information 2012

This year, so far, we have four amazing people who have been accepted for Residencies – coming from Europe and New Zealand. We look forward to the workshops or talks, they will bring to the local area.

Debbie Ryan

Debbie Ryan is a specialist in Mosaic Artwork and ran an amazing  workshop for locals.

Her work explores themes of the environment, particularly in the multiplicity of the natural world; She has received many commissions, residencies and awards. Debbie Ryan is a contemporary mosaic artist that creates work that explores and celebrates the natural world. Debbie is currently making new work, which is inspired by the beauty and variety of New Zealand landscape.

James Robinson

In September an extraordinary young man, James Robinson arrives at Earthskin Muriwai! His overall
mission with his life and career is ” to demonstrate the integration within nature, and belief around
true self in art, spirit and place. This is about sacred connection, respect, understanding, forgiveness, truth seeking, grief, praise and awe.”

Go on line and look at his work.
W: http://

Martine Bayley and Martin Bayley

Joint Application from Martine Bayley and Martin Bayley. A talented husband and wife are coming in November.
Martine is a writer and publishes as Laura Bloom. Martin is a graphic designer and illustrator, lecturer in art and design, and has a Master of Arts in Photography.

Together in this Earthskin Residency they will collaborate, using the mental and physical space to step outside their roles as husband and wife, and re-engage as writer and artist. “Away from the distractions of paid work, Martin wants to return to pencil drawing and Martine will explore themes of nature and discovery.” More about this later this year.


Old recipes, New media :: Workshop

This Saturday 24 November at 2 pm, they will be offering a FREE workshop on
old recipes, new media (see attachment).

Martin and Martine Bailey are the present artists in residency at Earthskin Muriwai.
Everyone is welcome.
Please feel free to pass this information around and to come with a friend.

Earthskin Muriwai has been designed with this view to enrich
Muriwai’s community,  offering regular free workshops.
This is a great opportunity to share creative energy!


2012 Newsletter

Spring to Summer Newsletter

Spring is the perfect time to convert awareness into action!

This season brings the opportunity for refreshed thinking – exploring how best to nurture
the principles that are the cornerstones of Earthskin – by going deeper rather than wider!

Creating supportive hubs and social networks to empower community
Earthskin seeks  to richly move through the earth like mycelium: to empower and join
networks of  creativity and learning within local environments: to serve and strengthen,
investing in, and enrich community. The success of our whole community depends on the
success of each individual, and the success of the individual on the community as a whole!

Artist  Scholarship Residencies
Our Artist Residency scholarship opportunity has  been extended until the end of October
2012, and we are also offering time at Piha for artists from March until October.

Artists in Residence : Karma Barnes
Imagine The Land
Coming to Earthskin next year after March, as one of our exciting Artists in Residence is
Karma Barnes. This recent experimental workshop is an example of how funds can be
raised through community action, to support the creation of deep beauty and belonging.

PDF : Imagine the land

Innermost Art
In Mt Victoria, Wellington, Earthskin is walking beside Innermost Community Gardens,
to add a very exciting Eco Art, contemplative arts and component in the creation of
Innermost Art, for re-creational workshops.

We have brought together a wonderful team of Artists, who are putting much effort into
this unique development of Innermost Art in the Gardens, with the able assistance of
Gemma Robertson as Administrator.

We will also develop alternative currency systems, including time banking and a new
offerings system for workshops – so that if you have enough money to attend a workshop
and can afford to pay more, that extra offering goes toward assisting others to attend.

We will be giving the opportunity to people who have a strong desire to do a workshop,
but cant afford to pay the fee, to apply once for a free place, via Earthskin.

Till then, dive into happiness and share it!

Arohanui from the team, Nancy, Gerry and Dhyana
[who so generously helps update the website.]


2012 Earthskin Winter 

This year came into being with a deep feeding of the land that clothes New Zealand in green. Rain and more rain.

From this richness has come an autumn and winter of sensational sight, sound and smells to surround Earthskin Muriwai.

Here are the photos of the newly natural oiled skin, and the additional decks: from the top floor to overlook the ancient bush,
and, out from the art studio to rest or work magic upon.
The whare is extraordinarily beautiful and complete.

Our permaculture garden that will  also extend into surrounding neighbours land, will begin its initial planning
this spring, and the land waits in readiness for a busy and abundant future.

Permaculture  Workshop : 30th of September
During this time, Trish and Daniel are coming to do a day course on Permaculture with the local Community on the
30th of September, so that we can all learn, and replicate  the knowledge into our homes and communities.
Contact: Trish Allen <>
Download Permaculture Flyer for more information: PERMACULTURE INTRODUCTION DAY

Also Earthskin is supporting the native regeneration of the surrounding land. Earthskin has had a report completed
for the next door site that will allow not only the land and soil to be enriched, but the water to be filtered before going
into the local lake. This will  support the biodiversity and wetland life.


Local Artist Residency

We want to develop ideas for a  wider local  annual month long  collaborative Creative Artist Residency so if you have any ideas or feedback for October for community, it would be useful.

Earthskin continues to offer many Scholarships annually. As part of my honoring to my dad”s plea to “help the world, and make a difference.” Permaculture training, and new Community Interaction is the main focus this year. There have been 6 off site scholarship recipients so far this year.

Finally, thank you to Veronique and Gerry, for watching over the final building completion [amidst so much mayhem] and the care and love you are bringing to this project.

Next season I would like to introduce you to a new space  to build community, with Scholarships which will bring more places that will be models of excellence for a balanced future….complete with gardens, to keep us well nourished.

Till then, be well, and enjoy the stillness as the earth moves from resting, and  directing our energy quietly inward, toward new growth and the  new beginnings of spring!