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January: John Blackburn

April: Sam Heydt

June: Lillie Chapman

July: Daniela Gast 

September: Mary Babcock

November: Karma Barnes 



This year we have opened the door to AUT applications from final year students, for an Artist Residency opportunity. For our art future it is also important to keep the young fed, as well
the established artists sustained.


Each resident will be offering a talk or koha workshop, so we will keep the website updated
with times and information to diarise, and you are most welcome to come if you are in the area!


Karma Barnes – Imagine The Land
La Rosa Garden Reserve Opening Celebration

Mary Babcock

Saturday 16 November: 10am to 3.30pm
(Blessing by Te Kawerau a Maki 9.50am)
WHERE:   10  La Rosa Street, Green Bay

Guided site walks – Restoration of Waitahurangi and Parahiku Streams, board walks, community  orchard,
Pa Harakeke (flax garden),  environmental displays and talks.

Guided art walks   – Imagine The Land Installation Project with Green Bay High School students.
Community Art Projects – 9 metre long permanent eel sculpture, mosaic art posts, large temporary art installations
by community groups, photography exhibition, flax weaving.


Lillie Chapman (NZ) : June
• Area of Practice: Sculpture
• Speaking Date: 29th June, 1-3 pm

My current concepts for work surround the notion of death, particularly
burial as ritual and comparisons between eastern and western beliefs. My talk
encompassed the environmental effects of different burial practices on the
organic environment.

the kereru’s wings wake me
the breath
they are calling

ceaseless unfoldings
a seamless fabric

lose yourself


Lillie C
June 2013


Daniela Gast (Germany) : July
• Area of Practice: video, sound, performance
• Speaking Date: 13th July, 7 pm ‘In between flames’

‘In the absence of moonlight, the moth moves to the next best thing: man-made light’
At the talk I will introduce and discuss my recent piece‚ ‘In between flames’, presenting it in midstage process.
I will present my ideas and research on moths: their cultural, archetypal and ecological significance
and how this finds a creative abstracted expression through the medium of video, sound and performance.


 Area of Practice: Performance, installation, stitching and mendings.

• Speaking Date: 7th September, 2-4pm

“See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun,
how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch

Mother Teresa

As a visual and performance artist, Mary Babcock explores mending and its
relationship to personal and cultural change. She is interested in the way that
nature moves in cycles – growth, transformation, alteration, regeneration – and in
spending concentrated time with the land in a site where stewards have
recognized, nourished and cultivated a relationship with the spirit of place.

While at Earthskin Muriwai, Mary will be creating a series of performance artworks
and sculptural objects / performance remnants, inspired by natureʼs own self mending.
Her ultimate intention is to create a(n exhibition) space for contemplation that draws attention
to natural processes often disregarded, reminds us that we, too, are sited in nature.
Please join Mary in a site-specific performance and discussion of her work.

”Art creation of earth magic, from a  secret pocket!

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