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January: John Blackburn

February: Nicki Stewart

March: Frances Robson + Willy Merz

April: Doina Kraal

May: Hallie Pritts

July: Georgia Anson + Louise Meuwissen + Aniquah Stevenson

August: Jennie Thwing


Jennie ThwingSUNDAY AT EARTHSKIN/ August 16th

Jennie Thwing
(artist, film maker, USA)
Date and time: August 16th, 1-5 pm
Content:‘The Living Room’ Stop Motion Workshop.
The community is invited to participate in a group stop motion film (the ‘Living Room’) based on the subject of home.
The community will be asked to write stories about home and sign up for a 4 hours scene shoot where they will create a stop motion film together. Their stories will be the basis for the movement in the ‘Living Room’.

During the workshop the participants will be…
… introduced to techniques used in stop motion (45 minutes)
… will help to plan the shoot (1 hour)
… will participate in the collective creation of the film (2 hours)
The film will be edited and posted online for the participants to see.



Georgia Anson, Louise Meuwissen and Aniquah Stevenson

Georgia Anson, Louise Meuwissen and Aniquah Stevenson
(Visual Arts, Australia)

Date and time: July 31, 1-4 pm
Content: Come and join resident Australian artists Georgia Anson, Louise Meuwissen and Aniquah Stevenson
for an embroidery workshop at Earthskin Creative Residency! Bring an open mind and anything you might want to sew
onto your embroidery!
We will provide canvas and embroidery hoops, wool and embroidery thread, needles, pebbles, shells, sticks and
various other things, paper cutouts, pencils and paper.
We will also do trust exercises and meditation to help everyone to relax and be in the right head-space.

We will show some examples of work that inspires us and our past works——> and start making!
While creating we will enter pre-prepared discussions with the

other artists on our art practices and common themes.
In the middle of the workshop we will take a break for tea. The workshop will end with each participant having finished a collage/ drawing or embroidery and learnt more about themselves and art.


Hallie Pritts inviteHallie Pritts
(Writing and Music, USA)
Date and time: May 31, 2pm
Content: American songwriter and fiction author Hallie Pritts will give an artist talk on the overlap and intersection of songwriting and literature. She will perform songs, read passages from her novel-in-progress, and discuss the way that the natural environment — both its beauty and its degradation — influences her characters and her art.

Location:Muriwai Earthskin (171 Motutara Road, Muriwai Beach). Please walk down to the end of the drive way. Talks are on Sundays

Content: Hallie is using her time at Earthskin Muriwai to complete her multimedia novel which explores music and the natural environment through the eyes of a young female rock musician from the rural Rust Belt, a region of the United States that has historically experienced many economic and environmental challenges.

The Pittsburgh City Paper describes Hallie’s music as a Steinbeckian blend of Appalachian and folk rock.” Her music has been released on several international record labels and featured on National Public Radio.

Doina Kraal


Doina Kraal
(Visual Arts, Installation and Performance , The Netherlands)

Date and time: April 26, 2pm

Location:Muriwai Earthskin (171 Motutara Road, Muriwai Beach). Please walk down to the end of the drive way.

Content: The artist Doina Kraal invites you to take part in Touche-à-Tout, a portable multimedia installation including a visual and musical performance.



Frances Robson
(Photography, Canada)
Date and time:  March 29th,  2-4pm – ages 10 & up
Content: Join Frances Robson to make a lively leafy photo using the power of the sun.
Using sun print paper, participants will select from a range of materials to create unique images
that explore the possibilities of composition and the natural environment. During Frances Robsons time
at Earthskin this month, she will be creating simple photographic images
that are powerful and elegant,  as well as comforting! Images that “remind us of our beginnings and ends
in the natural world”Coming from the Saskatchewan prairie region of Western Canada she is currently
enjoying exploration of our sub-tropical climate, and having the opportunity to engage with the artistic
and cultural environment.


Willy Merz
(music/composer, Switzerland – lives in Italy)
Date and time:  March 22nd, 2pm
Content: To be a classical contemporary composer nowadays “.
Many people think that the classical music is something only regarding the past. Willy Merz will be discussing
the idea of history and legacy for an european composer. Conscious that exchanging on this topic  in a “new”
country like New Zealand will make it even more interesting.



Nicki Stewart
(Painting/Encaustic, New Zealand)
Date and time:  February 22nd, 2-4pm
Content: Encaustic and Elements.
Delving into the wonderful world that is wax, Nicki will be demonstrating encaustic painting techniques using
beeswax and dammar resin.



John Blackburn
(Painting, England)
Date and time: 25th January, 2pm
Content: John Blackburn will invite two guests.
Together they will exchange ideas around art but essentially bring the questions of ‘what is creativity’,
‘how do we know that creativity works’, … There will be time too for open questions from the audience.

Recent 2015

This year our Artists in Residence at Muriwai Earthskin are offering free community talks or workshops.
This is a way for us to support and nourish creativity on an international, national and local level.


FEEDBACK / from the residents…

Doina Kraal – recent documents
(Visual Arts, Installation and Performance , The Netherlands)

1_2015-03-31 11.43.07.jpg
On my way to Earthskin artist residency in Muriwai.

2015-04-01 19.22.32.jpg
The volcanic black sand beach of Muriwai.

2015-04-02 15.57.12.jpg
The black sand, I soon found out, is iron sand. Something I wanted to work with…

Despiciendo Suspicio

Suspiciendo Despicio
By looking down, I see up
By looking up, I see down

Tycho Brahe – Astronomiæ instauratæ Mechanica

Work in progress, one of the drawers to be covered in layers of iron sand.
Collaboration with Véronique Desmet.

Magnetic tools which I made for doing an inverted drawing.
With the tools you can remove the iron sand from the drawer,
a patch of Muriwai beach with holes in it will be exposed.

Photo taken after the viewing and performance in my New Zealand studio.
Spectators have played with the iron sand

Charcoal on paper. Made in the Nikau Palm and Pohutukawa forest
(trees endemic to New Zealand, which surround the Earthskin residency).

The sticky silk threads that hang down from the glowworms in order to ensnare prey inspired me to do this installation.
I installed the 3D printed bulbs from Brisbane and a video projection in the Nikau Palm forest.

img_5514_crop.jpg Cardboard and minerals.


NEWSLETTER – Autumn Equinox

This late March holds the precious end of summer beauty – sounds, smells, and colours that bring to mind the senses
and memories that walk beside us through our days and lives – caught within the changes of season.

This week my personal multi-sensory connections, my wider sixth sense, have received an unexpected delightful zap
and creative reframe. It has caused me to contemplate the rich diversity of natural sensitivities that have been largely
lost and conditioned out of us.

The western view confined and boxed within Aristotle’s sight, sound, touch hearing and taste, has disengaged us such
that we have difficulty coming to our senses’.  We need to collectively retool our innate potential and
transform industrial society’s pollution of our mind and body into personal, environmental, and spiritual wellbeing”.

For our own survival, we need to access to our full senses! So we properly consider what is required to restore our
biosphere. Environmental problems are presenting themselves so fast we need strategy’s to be able to feel again rather
than being numbed and fearful.
To do this as Janine Benyus tells us, we need to create systems that acknowledge and share’s nature’s creativity.
Treating nature as the model, measure and mentorto guide into our thinking, design and processes”.

So let’s add some timely creative upgrades…

In Michael Cohen book ‘Reconnecting with Nature he sets out, the more than 53 available Natural Senses and
 we could use.  These have the capacity to enliven and connect us into the constant abundance and beauty
of nature and to support the collective energy needed to bring this awareness and sensitivity into our actions. To
support real and unlimited changes that will honour our earth and us as the sacred beings we are.

The Radiation of Senses

  1. Sense of light and sight, including polarised light
  2. Sense of seeing without eyes such as heliotropism or the sun sense of plants.
  3. Sense of moods and identities attached to colours.
  4. Sense of colour
  5. Sense of awareness of one’s own invisibility or visibility and consequent camouflaging
  6. Sensitivity to radiation other than visible light including radio waves, X-Rays, etc.
  7. Sense of temperature and temperature change
  8. Sense of motion, body movement sensations, and sense of mobility
  9. Electromagnetic sense and polarity, which includes the ability to generate current (as in the nervous system and brain waves) or other energies.

The Feeling Senses

  1. Hearing including resonance, vibration, sonar, and ultrasonic frequencies
  2. Awareness of pressure, particularly underground, underwater, and to wind and air.
  3. Sensitivity to gravity
  4. The sense of excretion for waste elimination and protection from enemies
  5. Sense of weight, gravity and balance
  6. Feel, particularly touch on the skin
  7. Space or proximity sense
  8. Coriolis sense of awareness of effects of the rotation of the Earth
  9. Sense of motion, body movement sensations, and sense of mobility

The Chemical Senses

  1. Smell with and beyond the nose
  2. Taste with and beyond the tongue
  3. Appetite or hunger for food, water and air
  4. Hunting, killing or food obtaining urges
  5. Humidity sense including thirst, evaporation control and the acumen to find water or evade a flood.
  6. Hormonal sense, as to pheromones and other chemical stimuli

The Mental Senses

  1. Pain internal and internal
  2. Mental or spiritual distress
  3. Sense of fear, dread of injury, or attack
  4. Procreative urges including sex awareness, courting, love, mating, raising young
  5. Sense of play, sport, humour, pleasure and laughter
  6. Sense of physical place, navigation senses including detailed awareness of land and seascapes, positions of the sun, moon and stars
  7. Sense of time
  8. Sense of electromagnetic fields
  9. Sense of weather changes
  10. Sense of emotional place, of community, belonging support, trust, and thankfulness
  11. Sense of self, including friendship, and power
  12. Domineering and territorial sense
  13. Horticultural sense and ability to cultivate crops, as is done by ants to farm fungus who farm algae, or birds that leave food to attract their prey
  14. Language and articulation sense, used to express feelings and convey information from every medium from the bees dance to literature
  15. Colonising sense including receptive awareness of one’s fellow creatures sometimes to a degree of being absorbed into a super organism
  16. Sense of humility, appreciation, and ethics
  17. Reasoning, including memory and the capacity for science and logic
  18. Sense of mind and consciousness
  19. Intuition or subconscious deduction
  20. Aesthetic sense, including creativity and appreciation of beauty, music, literature, form, design, and drama
  21. Psychic capacity such as foreknowledge, clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral projection, psycho kinesis and possible animal and plant senses
  22. Sense of biological time, astral time, awareness of past, present and future events
  23. The capacity to hypnotise other creatures
  24. Relaxation and sleep including dreaming, meditation and brain wave awareness
  25. Sense of pupation including cocoon building and metamorphosis
  26. Sense of excessive stress and capitulation
  27. Sense of survival by joining a more established organism
  28. Spiritual sense, including conscience, capacity for sublime love, ecstasy, a sense of sin, profound sorrow and sacrifice

NEWSLETTER – Spring 2015


As spring moves through nature and freshly greens our New Zealand environment, I have had the opportunity
through sickness to practice simplicity of  staying in a earth based rhythm that has refreshed my reverence for
the beauty and nourishment of nature and our interconnectedness so important for creating inner balance.

I am sitting in gentle sunshine writing this newsletter with the chooks contentedly clucking and bees busy
working in the tender blossoms in the fruit trees and lavender.

The contemplation for this newsletter has been prompted by my latest jewel of reading Moral Ground
-Ethical Action For a Planet in Jeopardy,
 highlighting the vital juncture we 
have reached on this planet and our
part as artists to take one step of positive, courageous commitment to act now, to utilise our skills in the service
of regenerating our earth, lives and future.

We have the unique capacity as creators to potentise and connect others to our awareness and protection of
natural biodiverse beauty and the sacred, the gardens of our mind, the senses and individual colours of our creativity
including the incredible losses in nature to make it all count and to trigger change.

“ Create art based on a faith in human goodness: the faith that if we could see, if only we knew, if we could come
face to face with the enormity of what we a destroying that are incidental to our casual regard – we would change
our ways and come to our worlds defence”

It is our time; we need the dreamers, the gift holders to expression of what is real. William Blake commented,
“Sometimes we find a poet, a painter, or a musician that functions like a key that unlocks part of ourselves we never
knew was there. Something awakes that was asleep, doors open that were closed, lights come on in the windows of
the palace that is inside us whose existence we never expected.”

Thank you to all the Artists who have applied for the 2016 Earthskin Residencies all of whom are from overseas this year.
This will bring some excitement and new learning to the children of the local School and Community in the coming year.
One residency is still available in 2016 for environmental focused work, applications close June 2016.