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  1. Hi Nancy and Veronique
    Long time since I have been in touch and I hope all is well in your worlds ; )

    I am just checking out options for the next stage of my journey and had a look on the Earthskin site again which I always remember very fondly as such a special place . I am looking at going to Te Moata some time soon as I need to make some radical changes in my life and I found the link through your site – so thankyou.

    I noticed that the link on your site of past artist residents for me is to my old website – I wonder if you could please change it to the following as I am about to delete my old site:

    That would be fantastic!

    I’m hoping to spend more time in Auckland over the next year so maybe I’ll get to Earthskin again soon !

    with blessings and love
    Nicki Stewart

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