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Current resident

December 2019

EARTHSKIN CREATIVE RESIDENCY (Muriwai site) Welcome to Sibylle Mayr.

Sibylle Mayr
 is a sculptor and painter from Germany.

“During my residence I would like to discover the influence of the foreign surrounding to my artwork. My hole work keeps myself busy with inducement of live and the integration of humans in nature. A new place with new forms of vegetation and fauna will surely influence my language of forms. The cultural background will also leave it s marks.

Most time I worked sculptural und formed installations, the last years I often use relief and painting to express my thoughts.

Water, this symbolic basic element, whose essence of life, change, depth and much more includes, is in almost all work series in the center. Only in “pure euphoria” of a series of wave reliefs (2016/17) water is shown directly. In the case of the objects in the “organs” series the transparent, frequently colored material appears fluid. In the case of “sea-yarn” and “sponglia beatificiae” the sea is the imaginary habitat of the individual objects. As a consequent step I am currently travelling with my art project ARTreSEArcher around the Pacific ocean to different AIRs in order to find new questions to that theme.“

Sibylle Mayr creates new forms or places natural phenomena in newly invented contexts, creating places and species that stir at memory depths and invite you to thought flights.

Please don’t hesitate to contact her:

Everyone is welcome to join our monthly Sunday at Earthskin (170 Motutara road, Muriwai beach), 29 December 2019 at 2pm with Sibylle Mayr. More info to come…

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