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Current resident

October 2019


Lauren Sinner is a textile artist from USA.

Her work and research focuses on the intersections of comfort, humor, and sadness – primarily through textiles. She appropriates text and imagery from punk music, botanical illustrations, and childrens’s’ books to create pieces that balance between being both ‘put together’ and ‘falling apart’. Using both found and handmade textiles to represent her mother’s care, as well as her own obsessive tendencies, she creates pieces referencing domestic life and tells her story – not so much in the narrative senses, but rather one that translates her perspective.

When attending her residency, she will continue to explore the themes listed above with new materials and techniques – pushing and combining both to see how they can further her concepts. Seeing what materials, spaces, and relationships are available to her in new locations also informs what and how she will make something.

Please don’t hesitate to contact her:

Everyone is welcome to join our monthly Sunday at Earthskin, 27 October 2019 at 2pm with Lauren Sinner. More info to come…

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