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September 2017 / 


s.humston_what the sea remembersSiobhan Humston is an interdisciplinary fine artist who uses drawing as the foundation to her environmentally themed practice. She also works with fibre arts, sculptural installation, sound and film and is based in Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada.

During her time at Earthskin, she will continue on the path of investigating aspects of land and sea through visuals and sounds, stillness and movement. The lush surroundings and close proximity to the ocean will provide her with boundless inspiration and she plans to do spontaneous land art pieces as well as work on graphite drawings, recordings of the sounds of nature: birds, waves, wind, rain, taking video footage and photographs of the same.

She considers the term ‘drawing’ loosely as she combines graphite pieces with photographs, sounds with film, sewn and woven aspects of nature with notes from her observations, building layered projects that interweave ideas around human’s interaction with the environment. Her desire is to create works that help the viewer develop a deep connection with their natural surroundings, generating mindful, respectful impact and forward thinking discussions.

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