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September 2020Welcome to Tom Ang

Tom Ang is a photograper, a Sony New Zealand Digital Imaging Ambassador and recipient of the HIPA Content Producer Award 2019.

During his time at Earthskin he will be working on Re-CONSTRUCTIONS.

This is a project started over 20 years ago but held up because it needs a lot of table space to complete. Re-CONSTRUCTIONS are scenes created from a mosaic of smaller images that are all from the original scene. Frist, it is photographed from many angles, then the prints are cut into small squares. These are allowed to arrange themselves according to their own internal logic to summate into a new representation or reconfiguring.

The process exploits chance and visually logical associations between small elements – each of which is a coherent picture in itself – that build towards an organic new whole. The result is an image that offers different orders of organisation: from the overall picture, down to smaller and smaller elements that can be viewed in independent groups.

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