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June – July 2018

EARTHSKIN CREATIVE RESIDENCY  Welcome to Charlotte Crichton & Neil Aldridge



Charlotte Crichton is a mixed-media artist from New Zealand.

As a mixed-media artist, she hopes to engage the viewer on an emotional level with the intention of awakening or contributing to, a sense of depth and meaning, hope and purpose, love and connection, between humanity, and the natural world.

“This body of work combines personal responses to contrasting environments in India and Muriwai.  It explores the tensions and contradictions inherent in our symbiotic relationship with the natural world.  Within the context of climate change, the work will speak to juxtaposing themes of fragility and force, transience and permanence, dependency and self-determination, beauty and destruction.  It reflects on the challenges of predicted climate change impacts and the transformative opportunities that lie ahead through our adaptive capacity.”





Neil Aldridge is a sound artist from New Zealand.

“Working with environmental field recordings from New Delhi, Rajasthan and Muriwai, and combining them with recordings of acoustic instruments brought back from India, this sonic art piece explores questions around continuities and discontinuities in the soundscapes of the developing and the developed world.  The piece will traverse a sonic landscape — a representation of an imagined globalised world, commencing in India and culminating in Muriwai — from sonic chaos to audio idyll.”




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Everyone is welcome to join our monthly Sunday at Earthskin, July 15 at 2pm with Charlotte Crichton and Neil Aldridge. More info…




July 29 – August 4, 2018



Amanda Kemp is of Rongowhakaata decent and originally from Manutuke, Gisborne. she currently live at Muriwai Beach.

She is a ceramicist and painter. She likes to work when possible with local clays and found objects.

She will be making ceramic beads and hand built sculpture whilst at Piha. She will take some quiet time at the beginning of her stay and when ready shapes take form that will reflect my surroundings.

She then plan to pit fire the made works with seaweed and driftwood from the beach.


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