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March 2018


Martin Krammer is a Sculptor and Painter from Austria.Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 4.35.03 PM

Last time when he was at Earthskin, in early 2014, Martin made a piece that became the first in a series and kind of a role model for the work of the following years. It was the first free standing bas-relief he made, and many followed.

This time Martin will be looking at driftwood. For him, any driftwood is a traveler. A traveler of a secret journey and foreign origin. He always work with wood, and in this case, it’s a substance that is charged with this mystery. Is there a similarity of the movement of the ocean and the process of making Art ?
He likes the idea of describing the source of his work as a lock chamber of his subconscious. Doesn’t the sea do the same thing in washing up pieces with history from nature and civilization, disrupted of its context?
In this sense he imagine the work during his residency to be a collaboration between nature and artistic input to create sculptures about the mystery of nature and any living existence.
This mystery of life is his driving force!

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