Creativity – Retreat – Restoration

Earthskin Trust

Operative part

1. Name

The name of the Trust is EARTHSKIN TRUST (hereafter called “the Trust”).

2. Principles

The Trust is committed, in attaining its purposes to:

2.1            Respecting and implementing the dual heritage of the partners of the Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi).

2.2           Respecting the cultural diversity of people and encouraging people from all nationalities to utilise the Trust’s facilities and services.

2.3            Inspiring people to reach their full potential.

2.4            Working co-operatively with others, including the youth development area.

2.5            Maintaining the highest standarts of professionalism and integrity.

2.6            Ensuring its values and practice are aligned.

3. Purpose

The purpose of the Trust will be:

3.1            To encourage and support the restoration of this land, Aotearoa/New Zealand, our home, and with it, our spirit.

3.2            To create a Trust that is committed to challenge the present economic thinking that creates waste and pollution, by engendering nature-based practical thinking, that seeks equity and wellbeing as the cornerstone of the post development age, following the principles of interdependence and interconnectedness, to restore the resilience of local and larger community.

3.3            To give scholarships that offer training and opportunity to build a positive and sustainable relationship between people and the plant, through fostering and supporting the creative arts, permaculture, and the development of community gardens, terraquaculture and bio-remediation of the land and waterways, to spawn similar community involvement throughout New Zealand.

3.4            To foster and encourage an ever widening pool of properties, to extend the philosophy and the potential of the Trust. Actively seeking and sharing other peoples’ spaces that are available for defined times of the year, throughout New Zealand, and in doing so, limiting what needs to be “owned”. Offering a variety of environments and places for teaching and creative artist retreats, by sharing other peoples land. These properties will in recompense and honour of that sharing, have support from the Trust to restore their biodiversity and native plantings.

3.5            The Trust is to rent the existing N.L King No. 2 Trust property at 169 Motutara Road, Muriwai, as a creative arts residency for the following:

3.5.1            to support and enhance the natural learning we gain from our environment and our work;

3.5.2            to participate in workshops within the local and extended community;

3.5.3            to promote exchange between artists, local citizens, and the arts community;

3.5.4            to sustain and develop New Zealand artists;

3.5.5            focusing on developing alternative new practices that cause least environmental impact.

3.6            To utilise the Muriwai, Piha, Te Moata Charitable Trust, Stansborough and other properties for creative artist retreats (held within a context of meditative and contemplative exploration within the natural environment), earth stewardship training, including permaculture and restoration ecology, as outlined in this Deed.

3.7            To encourage children to develop a personal, community and health awareness, through understanding positive uses of money, in providing service that promotes ethical community development, enhances social and economic participation and ensures a rich future for our life environment (earth first thinking rather than profit first).

3.8            To create ways for ethical use by the Trust and others of donated money for charitable uses within New Zealand, including the support of ethical banking systems, who lend to organisations and people who create real social and environmental value.

3.9            Focusing on protecting old skills.

4. Philosophical intent

4.1            To support family, individuals, charitable trusts, or business which holds high intent to assist fundamental changes in both values and practice, in building an enriched future for our earth and its future generations.

4.2            To focus the Trust’s philosophy as a protector of nature and her biodiversity, and a support for developing community richness, and health within natures law and model.

5. Activities are limited to Aotearoa New Zealand

The activities of the Trust will be limited to Aotearoa New Zealand.