Creativity – Retreat – Restoration


During her residency at Earthskin, in March 2019, Gabryel Harrison shared some of her insights on her blog. Please take the time to appreciate these gifts:

Will The Land Return To Singing

My place of residence, the yurt

What I Thought About When I Thought About Drawing

Master copies

The beauty of birds

Remembering Christchurch

SUNDAY AT EARTHSKIN Earthskin Residents will be offering free community workshops on last Sunday of most months. Everyone is welcome to join. 


January: /

February: Martin Krammer + Walter Osadebe + Sally Cole

March: Gabryel Harrison + Walter Osadebe

April: Benjamin Gibert + Thomas Vaillant

May: Benjamin Gibert + Thomas Vaillant

June: free

July: free

August: Cole Barash

September: Gareth Bodle &The Creative Hub + Judy Pilarczyk

October: Lauren Sinner

November: Laura Pritchett + Michael Heiner

December: Sybille Mayr