Creativity – Retreat – Restoration


SUNDAY AT EARTHSKIN Earthskin Residents will be offering free community talks or workshops on last Sunday of most months. Everyone is welcome to join. 



Returning of the light. Seasonal musings!

What is it that drives me to want to shout with joy every year, more than any other time of the year?

Its Matariki!

New Year in New Zealand!

Such a time, to regenerate our world and community, – reverse the spiral of dis-engagement with each other, family, community and our earth.

We are ‘the Wayfinders” – moving on from discord to build our creativity and  harness fresh ways to revitalise our lives,  and re-engage with our waters and land.

Change doesn’t come by itself: it comes by collaborating – injecting bold and innovative intent into everything we touch, and with everyone we meet.

Likeminded people demonstrating and facilitating the richness and abundance that comes from growing healthy soils and food, restoring the biodiversity and caring for our waters and land together. It comes from sharing skills and time, past knowledge, place and community to honour our commitment to re-in-liven-ing the future.

My dad used to say, ‘its time to move on – time to recognise the limits of our understanding and use our intelligence to work with the natural world.”

Nancy King.



This year we step forward by welcoming our elder maestro of the Arts, John Blackburn for January. He lays the energetic carpet of fine and focused work for the upcoming Creative Residents to walk upon.

With each successive year, the collective energy from each passing resident permeates and grows, and there is an awareness that people are present even in their absence. Engagement with the wider community and the land, including our worms, chickens, gardens, beach and bush, is nourishment for the future artists and brings diverse people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired!

Below, is our Creative Residency schedule for 2017, which includes a return of some past artists of Earthskin who wish to apply again to see how their practice has grown after being at Muriwai, Te Moata, or Piha.



January: John Blackburn

February: Dexter Davey

March: Fabrizio J. Napoleone

April: Fabrizio J. Napoleone

May: free

June: Mary Babcock

July: Wesley Berg

August: free

September: Siobhán Humston

October: Ann B. Kim