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It would seem that the urge to write newsletters seems to move with the seasons.

Solstice in  New Zealand draws near, and the Goddess Of Summer Maruaroa o Raumati already draws her cloak of heat around us leaving the land dry, but us great full after a long wet winter.

Before my father died he said “ I charge you with making a difference on this earth “.

That weight hung around my shoulders till I examined the challenge – and came to the realisation that this is a shared call for humanity, we can’t do it alone. But together we can, and Earthskin provides a vehicle of enormous scope and vision of her own.

I just need to make small  magical incisions for a key to open large doors and let restoration of our earth pour through.

In November this year a very special paper came to fruition.

Under the care  and funding from Earthskin and others, a new paper has been published in the journal “Microbiology”  confirming for the first time that the active ingredients of the commonly used herbicides (Roundup, Kamba and 2,4-D, respectively) each alone cause antibibiotic resistance well below label application rates.

Professor Jack Heinemann of The University of Canterbury New Zealand, and his team have demonstrated that they are undermining the use of antibiotics (more…).

We are destroying and polluting our future world with man made substances.

Thanks to these people brave enough to step forward as stewards of our life giving planet.

Nancy King.